Trading Hours

Monday: 11.30am to CLOSE

Tuesday: 11.00am to CLOSE

Wednesday: 11.00am to CLOSE

Thursday: 11.00am to CLOSE

Friday: 11.00am to CLOSE

Saturday: 11.30am to CLOSE

Sunday: 11.30am to CLOSE

(Hours are subject to change as the Alert Levels drop)



Due to COVID-19 Restrictions there will be no Live Entertainment until restrictions lift.

Just a few things Guests must follow when visiting Our Local

  • Guests will need to scan QR Codes or Sign our Contact Tracing Register.
  • Inside: Keep 1 Meter distance from others
  • Outside: Keep 2 meters distance from others
  • You must remain seated (unless to use the restrooms, making payment or departing)
  • You will be served by a single server (where applicable)
  • Please make use of our Hand Sanitizers stationed throughout or wash hands in restrooms with soapy warm water regularly

We look forward to WELCOMING YOU ALL BACK!!

Monday to Sunday: Free Pool & Jukebox All Week